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Bus Routes for Android Smartphones and Tablets Download from Google Play SmartBusRoute Instant Bus Routes for iPhone and iPad Download from iTunes Bus GPS app offers Instant Bus Routes and Navigation

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It is easy to get the SmartBusRoute GPS routing app on your phone or tablet. Select your choice below. Subscription rates are one time payments, there are no recurring fees. Rates will be given on the page before you are asked to pay. The best plans work out to a few cents a day to have reliable coach bus routes and navigation on your phone. Once you finish your purchase your subscription is active.

Android Reliable Bus Routing App:
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Purchase the Android SmartBusRoute GPS app with a one time payment using your credit or debit card. You can download the app from Google Play at your convenience either before or after purchase. No account setup required.

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Purchase the Apple iPhone SmartBusRoute app with a one time payment using your credit or debit card. You can download the app at your convenience from iTunes either before or after purchase. No account setup required.

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Thank you for your interest in purchasing SmartBusRoute coach bus routing GPS for your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone. If you need assistance, call 617-542-6220.

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Reliable Bus Routes on your Android Smartphone, Tablet or Apple iPhone or iPad!

The SmartBusRoute app provides a reliable route that is specific for driving a Recreational Vehicle and helps you stay safe.

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Create reliable Bus specific routes for use in the U.S. and Canada. Avoid low bridges, tunnels, and restricted areas when you travel with your recreational vehicle. SmartBusRoute is from the same developers as the SmartBusRoute. * Change the dimensions in the vehicle settings area to accommodate different types of buses and coaches * Bus routes help you stay safe and away from roads where Buses are prohibited * Requires an internet connection but minimal data is used * Routes and mapping are updated daily to give you the best possible routing and navigation

The SmartBusRoute coach navigation app is easy to use, just speak or type the destination, within seconds you'll have a bus specific route with turn by turn directions that avoid low bridges and uses RV friendly roads. Specify your Bus dimensions and weight, even your hazmat level for the most accurate route. Choose regular street map view or navigate with satellite images for a more realistic view. SmartTruckRoute offers route choices helping you arrive to your destination on time and within budget. Stay safe and save money with SmartTruckRoute for your Android smartphone, tablet, or iPhone.

Free to download and view map, paid subscription for routing. Free trial use between 1-2 PM and 1-2 AM Eastern time daily.

Pricing information is available in the section marked "Pricing Plans & Purchase". The subscription is a one time fee which does not recur. You will be billed only once at time of purchase.

Key Benefits and Features

SmartBusRoute is powered by WorldNav, pioneers in Bus routing and navigation for portable GPS's. The development was further adapted to support coach and bus drivers.
• Navigate Coach buses with the convenience of using your phone or tablet!
• Offers the latest Bus specific maps and routes.
• Provides turn-by-turn instructions.
• See surrounding traffic, free service. (Android only)
• Navigate in Street or Satellite View.
• Use your phone's built-in speaker to say your destination address.
* Talk while navigating.
• Set Route Preferences for the most economical or scenic routing.
• Enter bus specifications to match the exact weight, and height of your vehicle.
* Navigation does not interrupt other functions of the phone. (Provided your phone allows simultaneous web surfing and communication)
• Unique driver feedback loop gives you the best routing and navigation.
• Free Updates

The navigation routing defaults on the following bus specifications which can easily be changed by you:
Height: 12’6”
Length: 25’
Width : 8’6”
Weight: 30,000 lbs
Hazmat: 2 (Compressed Gas)
WorldNav Truck GPS and SmartTruckRoute Truck navigation app have been featured by National Public Radio and ABC News. Listen to the news clips by clicking on the images below.

Channel 5 Boston ABC News features WorldNav Truck GPS WBUR Radio Boston Features WorldNav Truck GPS to avoid low bridges

08/7/15 - New trucker chat app allows drivers to communicate with each other based on location. Check it out at TruckerChatApp.com

07/15/15 - SmartTruckRoute iPhone Version 6 released, new UI makes navigation even easier, landscape mode supported, faster processing of routes.

03/12/15 - SmartTruckRoute iPhone Version 5.7 released, automatically stores history in the cloud and allows sorting by favorites. Program updates (and res-installs) reatain history and favorites. Speed Limit alerts, and Odometer log file export.

03/10/15 - Android SmartTruckRoute offers display of points of interest along a route. Via point routing lets drivers adjust route if needed. Avoid points allow driver route around a specific area in case of traffic or construction. Gas pricing updated daily.

10/19/14 - The SmartTruckRoute Android app now supports Android Smart Watches, warning of upcoming turns, weigh scales, and tolls. Press Release.

08/25/14 - See approximate positions of drivers requesting routes.

08/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android shows instant road closures

07/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android allows to store favorite addresses in the cloud. In case phone is switched, favorite addresses can be synced and thereby retained.

06/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android introduces warning on the state crossings.

05/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android introduces vehicle tracking.

05/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android introduces speed limit warnings and showing speed limits along the route.

04/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android and iPhone Accepting Voice input for Hands Off Navigation.

03/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android and iPhone was displayed and received with a great success at the Louisville, KT Mid-America Trucking Show.

02/15/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android and iPhone offers warning for Weigh Stations.

01/27/14 - SmartTruckRoute for the Android now offers a driver feedback loop. The feedback loop provides drivers with a convenient mechanism to report a variety of potential concerns to commercial drivers such as low overpasses, vehicle restrictions, sharp turns, and other pertinent information the driver wishes to share, which is then verified, and integrated into the routing servers.

07/08/13 - SmartTruckRoute for iPhone Version 2 now offers the commercial driver truck specific points such as truck stops, weigh scales, weigh stations, rest areas, truck parking, and more. Diesel fuel pricing is also shown on the map in real time. The Odometer function provides state mileage useful in calculating fuel taxes.

05/01/13 - In addition to U.S.A., Canada, and Mexico, we recently added U.K. and Australia map support.

04/10/13 - Prerelease version of 3D feature for the SmartTruckRoute Android truck routing app is available to current subscribers. Visit FAQ for Android and search for the question regarding Beta testing.

01/29/13 - SmartTruck Route released for iPhone and iPad.

01/11/13 - SmartTruckRoute now offers email alerts for temporary restrictions. In addition, SmartTruckRoute routing servers are now updated daily for temporary restrictions. To receive alerts, send a message from the SmartTruckRoute app Support link requesting to be on the Alerts mailing list.

01/09/13 - Mexico truck maps are now included on the SmartTruckRoute server.

10/28/12 - SmartTruckRoute can now be seamlessly integrated with dispatch software. https://www.pr.com/press-release/451963/

10/29/12 - SmartTruckRoute works with BigRoad to provide a complete solution for truckers including trucking tools and truck navigation. https://blog.bigroad.com/blog/bid/229716/Overdrive-Online-BigRoad-electronic-logging-article

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The SmartBusRoute app is developed by TeleType Co which has over 20 years experience in the GPS industry.
SmartBusRoute bus navigation app is developed by TeleType Co which has over 20 years experience in the GPS industry.

Founded in 1981, TeleType Co., Inc. is a software development company based in Boston, MA. Building on over 30 years of experience, TeleType has developed SmartTruckRoute, SmartBusRoute, and SmartRVRoute GPS routing apps specifically designed to make driving large vehicles easier, safer, and more economical.

TeleType specializes in software system integration and has produced cutting edge products in a variety of industries. TeleType’s award winning GPS solutions include support for embedded mobile devices, portable vehicle navigation, commercial navigation systems, and fleet tracking.

Each TeleType product delivers superior value by providing a complete GPS solution to meet the consumer’s needs. TeleType products provide the latest in mobile technology in and an easy to use environment at an affordable price.

TeleType is expanding to support additional emerging technologies for GPS solutions based on Bluetooth, satellite, and wireless communications. TeleType’s products are designed from the ground up using business-process-oriented, integrated, and modular architecture, thus offering comprehensive, scalable, easy-to-manage and deploy GPS solutions for consumer markets and original equipment manufacturers.

In addition to ready made products, TeleType offers a series of developer tools enabling custom maps and programming implementation within TeleType software.

Today, more than 30 years after its founding, TeleType is striving to produce the most versatile and user friendly GPS systems in the world. By incorporating its innovative global positioning solutions into the mobile devices of the future, TeleType will continue to provide an expanding presence in the GPS marketplace.

TeleType Co. Inc.
44 School Street
Boston, MA 02108

Email: help (at) smartbusroute (dot) com

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